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Choose salmon, sardines packed in olive oil or water. Include a variety of produce in your diet such as berries, dark leafy greens, orange and yellow fruits, and tomatoes. When possible, choose organic. Drink purified water. Choose tea instead of coffee. What are the benefits of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Reduced LDL cholesterol and reduced risk for heart disease. Reduced CRP levels. CRP is a protein in the blood that signals inflammation. With any diet, it is recommended that you see your doctor before starting a diet program so you both can discuss your current health and health goals.

Articles In-Season Glossary Foods. Cos if not my ranking for high protein low fat fish goes mackerel then tuna then sardines! Not sure if both parties would be interested, but if you would like to be connected with the CEO of Wild Planet, I could speak to him. Maybe a Tim promo would help all parties involved. Love the newsletter! Have you ever experimented with red light therapy for joint issues like these?

If you have any success with gadgets for this type of application, would love to see them make your list! Love the tips I have the same quirky obsession-experimenting with tons of products. Thanks for the sardine tip AND the epsom salt, rolling dog food container tip! Very good!

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Hi Tim, I have a couple items I have used that I think you would really enjoy. Also Topo Athletic is making some great roomy toe box, but fitted through the waist and heel shoes for a run, travel or everyday. One of their shoes just won Gear of the Year from National Geographic.

Less than half the weight and thickness of an ordinary towel, but more absorbent. It also dries in less than half the time. The gadget are great but are you wearing a latex glove to hold a chicken drumstick? Or am I seeing things..? But I never feel sore the next day. Is this a problem? Hey Tim and all… Just a heads up, the Has anyone else noticed a lot of items are no longer Primer eligible??? There these 7. Tim, Thanks for the great list.

If you are in the mood for more gadget and want to try alternative to Vans slip-on, these might fit the bill. They are minimal cotton canvas casual shoes with zero-drop soles and much lighter than Vans. The best part is that they are made by climbing shoes company and can actually handle casual bouldering, trail running, and gym workout.

Heel cups are collapsible and designed to be stepped on as slippers great in airplanes and hotel rooms.

Cruzer Psyche in my opinion are as stylish as Vans. The only negative is that they most likely are not as durable as Vans.

Price Chopper: Seasons Sardines $/Can!

You know what tastes really good with those Wild Planet extra virgin olive oil slightly smoked sardines…. Works really well and also give you some live enzymes too. Hot baths every night Tim? I know you take cold baths, but the hot sounds sound like a recipe for later visits to the fertility clinic if you ever decide to bless the world with little Tim Jr. I keep a TRX trainer with door mount in my travel carry-on luggage. Meaning products you can buy that will last generations.

The best of the best but keeping with at least semi-affordable.


Can I send you a gadget or two to try? Let me know! I think I found the last pair of these Vans that will fit me on the planet. Evidently Vans is not producing that style but I do like the style.. Love the podcast. I get a lot of value out of it. So I got a guest that I guarantee will be top 5. Right up your ally. Meditation and the power of thought. Thanks for the daily insight! Hi, I just wanted to say that I finally tried Wild Planet sardines. I tried every single canned sardine out there in the USA. And my favorite brand is Season Brand, especially the skinned and boneless one.

It tastes much much better than Wild Planet sardines. I had hard time finishing 2 cans. Whereas Season Brand taste exactly like Mediterranean sardine. It is delicious.

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Sardines has always been my favorite food since childhood, I grew up with it. Hey Tim, I have read your books and have been a huge fan for a while. It is truly and incredible product. Thanks for all your inspiration. I work out hard in the morning and shower after. So, I bought epsom salt hearing that it would help.

Does it matter when you take the bath AM or PM , regarding the effect it would have on your muscle recovery?

How It's Made- Canned Sardines

Is a min soak long enough? Tim, you mention Amazon Affiliate links here. Your strategies, etc. Maybe interview someone who is also killing it with Amazon Affiliates. I beg to differ on the sardines. Go with Crown Prince, Two Layer Brisling Sardines in olive oil… you have to remove the spinal cord and veins with the bigger fish. Never stop being you. Sustainable wins. You should consider doing a curated box with them.

Thank you so much for what you do. I travel frequently for work and my question is — What other products or tricks do you recommend for people who want to maintain a Ketogenic Diet while on the road? I purchased Keto OS Pur therapeutic ketones yesterday. I think this will be a good start for me, but want to maintain my Ketone levels throughout the day. My energy levels have been low. I do near daily Epsom salt baths so needed a larger bulk size. No Amazon prime shipping but shipping is free and generally takes just a few days. Worth checking out if you go through Epsom salt quickly. Why not just give your affiliate link?

Sardines with sliver of avacado wrapped in nori and you have sardine sushi- very easy, quick and makes the sardines easier to enjoy. Ever since I tried the float spa I use a whole bag per bath. Thanks for the great tips. These items are of little interest to most people. That would be great to hear if they really live up to their hype. Tim, It seems that you and I are of like mind on many things.

Why FDA Nutrition Label Regulations Fail Consumers

The Baking Soda seems to enhance the effect of the Epsom Salt. Great value for money. I am looking for the Moccasins you recommend in a 5-bullet a while ago. They look like tennis shoes. Any help? Thank you! Tim- have your book, listen to podcasts, enjoy your enthusiasm for life, admire your dedication and inspired by your success. If ever in the Boston, MA area, would enjoy meeting you.

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On the journey of discovering ME again and being in full alignment with beliefs and actions. Want to add value to those I encounter as you do in many ways and bejng authentic…make money doing so…so i can give back to causes that are important to me. As always, great stuff Tim. Thank you. Can you please send me a working link or explanation on what you did? Hi Tim, wanted to say Hi and let you know how much everyone in my house appreciates your contributions, in any form they come, thank you.

Hey Tim, your weekly recommendation is always awesome and I never fail to read it. I wish I could choke down sardines. Nice post, Tim. I always recommend an Infrared Sauna. Someone should get commission.. I trust you. There are also plastic zip wound closure devices out there you should check out. Hi Tim, please, please do not promote single use plastic again.. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Peter Attia vs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Love your recommendations, Tim. In fact, I know I can trust them. Best, JoeZ Like Like. As an Amazon employee, I thank you Like Like. Tim, Thanks for the great recommendations and all the work testing out gear. Enjoy Like Liked by 1 person. Tim, That rumble roller looks painful! I look forward to more! You speak to me Tim! Is there a back or body massager that you recommend?

Appreciate your scrutiny of everyday objects, Tim! I created a company, Piaule, to make bath towels worthy of astronauts. I think everyone ought to try one!